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Aleksandar Matic, PhD

R&D Director

Koa Health

Carrer de la Cuitat de Granada 121

08018 Barcelona, Spain

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A scientist at heart and by training, technology transfer driven people leader, passionate about using data and AI to transform digital healthcare.

I have spent 15 years in industry and academia, making an impact in multidisciplinary domains -- from machine learning and data science to psychology and psychiatry. I published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 15 patent applications.

As an R&D director and executive board member at Koa Health (that successfully graduated from Telefonica's moonshot project Alpha), I build and lead high performing teams who evaluate the evidence and develop cutting edge technologies for monitoring, predicting, and impacting mental well-being. I am also a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

As an ex TV host at national TV channels (link to one episode), I remain passionate about the media and public speaking -- now for disseminating science. I am regularly invited to speak at events and conferences.


I regularly play golf and I have been playing tennis since my childhood. I also enjoy (analysing) wine - I hold Sommelier qualification from the Associazione Italiana Sommelier.

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